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The journey of the rose of peace

On Sunday 13 July a delegation of Treaty of Ghent members, officers and friends departed for the other side of the Atlantic. This trip established a link between Ghent, Ottawa and Washington, and part of their travel baggage – so to speak – was a rose that was destined for a new dawn.The original rose was brought over from Ghent in 1814 by the American delegation. This new version – a rose of peace - has been taken to the gardens of the Belgian Embassies in Ottawa and Washington, and will be nurtured there. The first leg of the trip is going to Canada – specifically to Ottawa and the Niagara Falls. For further information see the Media tab - written press.

The bicentennial of the Treaty of Ghent is now also a book!

Joris DE ZUTTER of the City of Ghent has written a concise survey of the history of the Treaty of Ghent in 64 pages. He originally started with the idea that it could be a companion for a specific tour through the city where all the buildings would be visited which have played a role in this historical event. This bias could not be hold as these buildings were rather far apart and would ask a serious walking effort of the visitor. At the same time the original leaflet format evoluated to a small book, with articles that are not too long and pleasantly written and do include the tourmap with which it originally started.For sale at the tourist city store and any bookstore.

ISBN: 978 94 9161 408 8

click here for an interview with Joris De Zutter

Education Project

Vzw Treaty of Ghent develops, organizes and promotes several projects and events, in the cultural sphere as well as in the tourist sector but particularly in the field of education. The first initiatives have already been achieved and our action will gradually expand to reach a culmination in 2014-2015. We want to actively involve young students in the commemoration of ‘200 years Treaty of Ghent’ by encouraging activities but also by supporting real contact between interested local schools and educational establishments in the other countries involved namely the USA, the United Kingdom and Canada. The focus at this commemoration is on PEACE, a theme that deserves our attention and that of young people more than ever.From the beginning a number of schools in Ghent felt called to participate. The Saint Barbara college, The Ghent Institute, the Saint Bavo Humaniora and the PANTA RHEI atheneum from Gentbrugge are starting to crystallize their ideas into concrete plans. Not only do they want to make contact with American, British and Canadian schools but they also want to create and exchange video recordings, applications and virtual guided tours or organize an ‘American week’ or a ‘British happening’. Others schools are preparing project days with sport demonstrations, culinary surprises, facebook records, theatrical performances, quiz competitions and many more original events. Still others dream of an international flash mob or a comic about the Treaty of Ghent. Even schools in other cities like Oudenaarde and Deinze share in the enthusiasm.

Members of school management, teaching staff and students who do not wish to miss this Peace boat can NOW contact

JP De Smet
Education advisor
09 222 1776 - 0471 643610